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Gulf Zone

Gulf Zone is headed by Zonal President Khalid Kashmiri. As one of the largest overseas zones in terms of the membership size and the Jammu Kashmir diaspora living in Gulf countries, Gulf Zone of the party plays a key role in highlighting the plight of people of Jammu Kashmir. It also works to influence Organisation of Islamic Countries (IOC) towards supporting the right of self-determination of the people of Jammu Kashmir.

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Gulf Zone holds significant importance in diplomatic struggle for an independent Jammu Kashmir for a number of reasons. A large number of Jammu Kashmir diaspora resides in Gulf countries, and OIC is also based in the Gulf. This allows JKLF to run a strong and comprehensive diplomatic campaign to expose the grave human rights violations taking place in Jammu Kashmir, and pressurise OIC and Gulf countries into supporting the legitimate rights of people of Jammu Kashmir.

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