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AJK & GB Zone

The Azad Jammu Kashmir & Gilgit Baltistan (AJK-GB) Zone of JKLF is headed up by President Dr. Toqeer Gilani. A member of the party since his youth, Dr. Gilani held a number of key posts in the student wing of the party before becoming its chairman. He has previously held position of central spokesperson for JKLF.


President Message

Jammu Kashmir has been suffering at the hands of its occupiers for far too long. During last seven decades, the human rights of 20 million inhabitants of Jammu Kashmir have been violated on daily basis. JKLF is a movement of people of Jammu Kashmir and is guided by our mission to gain over right to determine our own future, and live in a peaceful and prosperous society which acts as a bridge of peace and progress for the entire region.

Zone Representatives

Toqeer Gillani
Toqeer GillaniPresident
Shakeel Jarral
Shakeel JarralGeneral Secretary
Shakeel Jaral
Shakeel JaralSpokesperson
Shakeel Jaral
Shakeel Jaral Chief Organiser
Shakeel Jaral
Shakeel JaralDep. General Secretary
Shakeel Jaral
Shakeel JaralElection Comission

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