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For over seven decades, people of Jammu Kashmir have been living a life of endless misery and pain. Since partition of the sub-continent , and emergence of independent India and Pakistan,  erstwhile  independent and prosperous Kingdom of Jammu Kashmir has become embroiled in turmoil, and a place of  misery for its people whose  fundamental  human rights are violated on daily basis, and  tens of thousands of families have  lost their loved ones, while  children going to school are subjected to  checks by soldiers at military  check posts. Over the recent years, and in particular the Indian occupied part of Jammu Kashmir, the state has become the most militarised country in  the world.

The question that people of Kashmir constantly ask is why do the occupying forces have a free hand to unleash militarised violence and terror on the innocent people of Jammu Kashmir at will? Why don’t the rights of millions of Kashmiris hold any importance for leaders of the major power? And why aren’t the promises made to people of Jammu Kashmir by the international community since 1947  being fulfilled? And why in Jammu Kashmir, people are being denied the exercise of  their  internationally recognised sovereign, and  unfettered right to determine political status of Jammu Kashmir?  For the past seven decades, generations of Kashmiris continue to ask  these simple yet  important questions to which, the  response has been even greater erosion of  fundamental political and human rights, death and destruction; and indeed an increased deployment of forces, and  militarised violence that has   accompanied for example, the illegal annexation and dismemberment by the Modi government in India, of Jammu Kashmir on 5th August 2019, through an unconstitutional Presidential Order.

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has been leading the peaceful struggle across the state, as well as throughout the world, for the right of self-determination for the people of Jammu Kashmir. We believe in an independent state of Jammu Kashmir which is at peace with itself and its neighbours, and which becomes a bridge of peace for 1.5 billion people of the South Asian sub continent, which is  made poignantly all the more  important by the  the current situation and political crisis in the  region. As an organisation representing a large body of opinion  in Jammu Kashmir, JKLF appeals to the international community,  and in particular, the permanent members of the UN Security Council, to support 20 million Kashmiris across both sides of Jammu Kashmir to determine  the status of their country through a democratic  referendum. JKLF has a national duty to guide the struggle peacefully and effectively towards the ultimate objective to achieve an Independent status for the people of Jammu Kashmir. I am proud of the fact that, despite being occupied by two large and powerful nuclear powers, JKLF has successfully established an indigenous movement for freedom and reunification of the forcibly divided Jammu Kashmir with popular support. It is my firm belief that our unwavering commitment, and selfless dedication to the cause of freedom and national dignity, we the people of Jammu Kashmir, will breath the deserved air of freedom soon.


Maqbool Bhat
Maqbool BhatFounder of inpendence struggle
Amanullah Khan
Amanullah KhanFounder of JKLF
Yasin Malik
Yasin MalikChairman

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IOK Zone Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) Zone of JKLF is headed up by President Noor Muhammad Kalwal. Zonal office of the party is located in Srinagar. Latesst News


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UK Zone UK Zone is one of the most important diplomatic zone for JKLF, currently headed by President Syed Tahseen Gilani. Head of Diplomatic Bureau JKLF, Prof. Zafar Khan, is also based


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Europe Zone JKLF Europe Zone holds the obvious but highly important responsibility of highlight Jammu Kashmir issue in front of the World. The EU bloc consists of 27 countries, and therefore holds


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Gulf Zone Gulf Zone is headed by Zonal President Khalid Kashmiri. As one of the largest overseas zones in terms of the membership size and the Jammu Kashmir diaspora living in Gulf

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